Free Video Dub for Windows 8 (32/64 bit)

Free Video Dub for Windows 8

Free Video Dub for Windows 8 - A powerful program for working with video files without the need for transcoding. Allows you to edit videos: cut, glue, apply effects, music, add voice narration and subtitles, rotate 90, 180 degrees, stabilize the image, remove noise, smoothly connect separate fragments of beautiful 2D and 3D transitions.

The interface is simple, all editing functions are available and can be used through the main menu. The application has a built-in player with adjustable playback speed and a converter that will allow you to render a finished movie in any format. Quality and resolution can be selected at the export stage. Direct fill to YouTube is possible immediately after processing. You can free download Free Video Dub official latest version for Windows 8 in English.

Technical information Free Video Dub

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